Through superb technical processes, combined with modern equipment and technology, JHL-china mattress factory has carried out a variety of rigorous processes to design and produce our mattresses. As a result, the friction between our mattress support systems is low and they do not create too much noise, ensuring a quiet and restful sleep. They have extremely strong elastic properties and provide perfect support for all parts of the human body. And our product adopts a uniquely designed knit fabric and exquisite quilting technology, creating a comfortable mattress surface with strong breathability.

Our mattresses are a kind of modern green bedding product with a variety of excellent properties. They are dust-proof, anti-mite and static-free. Moreover, our mattresses meet international safety and hygiene standards, green environmental standards and flame retardant standards of the United States and the United Kingdom. What's more, they are very skin-friendly and soft and are even ideal for pregnant women and children who are susceptible to allergies.

Its sturdy structure effectively supports the vertebrae, keeping the user's body steady and helping to adjust the user's body. Our mattresses are made of many different materials with different functions. For example, the composite foam provides greater airflow and the natural latex provides the correct body adjustment. Also, due to the high compression and elasticity of our mattresses, we can easily reduce our transportation costs with our advanced compression technology applied.
Mattress In a Box | JLH Mattress

Mattress In a Box | JLH Mattress

InnerSpring Mattress Details About New Mattress, hotel mattress, Stearns, and foster mattress.


JLH in #1 of Kangtai South Road, Shatou Industrial Park, Nanhai District, FoShan City, Guangdong Province, China. Main products JLH NEW ARRIVALS PRODUCTS. With competitive price, our has been more popular which also makes JLH to be more competitive. Made of premium quality, the product of JLH is proved to be durable in use after times of testing and have a longer service life than the traditional ones. The product gets a lot of compliments: it looks flattering, stylish and fits well. Improve overall temperament.
What products does JLH Mattress have?

What products does JLH Mattress have?

Roll Up Mattress-Five Zones  pocket spring

Roll Up Mattress-Five Zones pocket spring

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Professional Manufacturing
We can provide professional different hybrid bed mattress for different fields, such as hotel mattresses, university apartment mattresses, military training base mattresses, hospital mattresses, prison mattresses, mattresses for government construction, etc. We will be your most reliable business partner and promise to provide the most valuable mattress for clients’ project.

We deeply understand that the poor quality of mattresses has a huge impact on your business. We are also very aware that the price and production lead time are very important to you. All of our product quality inspections are strictly carried out by the national quality inspection department, and we have very high requirements for the quality of finished products. Therefore, our mattress products have the best quality in the industry. With decades of mattress manufacturing experience, we can confidently provide customers with fast delivery times and high-quality mattresses.
1.BRAND COOPERATION: In addition to providing high-quality mattresses, we can also help you develop your domestic and international markets. We have a first-class design team to help your business grow. From product design, material selection to store decoration, we can provide you with great advice to maximize your profits.
2.INTERNATIONAL TRADER: We have accumulated decades of international trade experience and become an international mattress trading specialist, so we can quickly understand your needs and provide excellent solutions. We believe that we will establish a long-term relationship.
3. STRATEGIC COOPERATION: We have many successful cooperation cases and believe that we will become your reliable partner. We can provide you with the goods on time. If you are looking for a strong partner to handle everything for you. Welcome to cooperate with us.
OEKO-TEX has tested JLH for more than 300 chemicals, and it was found to have harmful levels of none of them. This earned this product the STANDARD 100 certification. JLH mattresses ensures high-quality and comfortable sleeping. By placing a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery, this product beds is imbued with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. JLH mattresses ensures high-quality and comfortable sleeping. This product offers improved give for a lighter and airier feel. This makes it not only fantastically comfortable but also great for sleep health. JLH mattresses ensures high-quality and comfortable sleeping.
New Design 5 Zoned Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

New Design 5 Zoned Pocket Spring Euro Top Mattress

Supreme series, namely, the supreme product in mattress industry. With fashionable design and skin-friendly material, Supreme series always leads the way of selling. Also, 4APA-14 accepts all kind of customized requirement.
Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd
It was established in 1982 and is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which is a city with outstanding people and abundant resources. It is a privately owned company specializing in the production of mattresses and is mainly engaged in the export business.

In 2008, Jinlongheng Furniture Co., Ltd. invested more than 50 million yuan to build a new mattress production base. So far, it has 50,000 square meters of standard factory buildings and 20,000 square meters of warehouse. Moreover, it has 500 experienced workers, and the annual output can reach 500,000 pieces. The company is a large enterprise integrating research, design, production, sales, planning and service with professional production technology, first-class equipment, systematic management and good service awareness.

We will continue to maintain the company's "mutually beneficial, honest" marketing concept to strengthen our cooperation with customers. We also focus on brand building to become a model enterprise. As our company expands, our company has increased employment opportunities for many people and contributed to social development. At the same time, we adhere to the enterprise spirit of “diligence”, “pragmaticism”, “innovation” and “perfection” and strive to continuously improve the management norms, creating a first-class furniture brand. We will do our utmost to provide everyone with satisfactory furniture quality and considerate service so as to provide consumers with healthy and comfortable sleep.

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